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Welcome to the Mythic Plus Friends website! This site & discord community has been created to help aid you find more competent and friendly groups for Mythic Plus, as well as building a better Mythic Plus community. We're proud of the community we've managed to build over the past two years and are excited to offer the Mythic Plus Academy which offers m+ instruction for beginners as well as those looking to push much higher keys.

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the academy

The Academy

Need help pushing dungeons or just want to learn more about Mythic plus? Join our sub group dedicated to helping you improve your skills!

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the academy


Our discord community is 24,000 members strong and growing each day. If you are looking for like minded individuals who want to push content, then you've found a new hangout spot with features just for you.

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the academy


Be on the look out for our giveaways. Coming up, once the box set is announced, we will be giving away 5 free copies for various activities/community involvement!


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