Mythic Plus Friends

building a better mythic plus community -

Welcome to the Mythic Plus Friends website! This site & discord community has been created to help aid you find more competent and friendly groups for Mythic Plus, as well as building a better Mythic Plus community. We're proud of the community we've managed to build over the past two years and are excited to offer the Mythic Plus Academy which offers m+ instruction for beginners as well as those looking to push much higher keys.

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Mythic Plus Academy

Here at Mythic Plus Friends, we as a community strive to not only create a friendly environment for like-minded players but also offer help to players who want to improve. If you happen to be one of these players and are looking for tools or tips to help you get better at Mythic+, this is the place for you!

Our teaching runs are meant to give players of various skill and experience levels a proper foothold into Mythic+, whether you are completely new to WoW, or a long-time player looking to push to a higher level. In the pins in the #mythic_plus_101 and #mythic_plus_201 channels, you will see a variety of runs led by Helpers from this server who are able to get you the information you need. There should be runs available for all factions and regions, and the level of the dungeons covered during the teaching run will be included in the post. If you’d like to be included the run, please send a private message to the Helper who posted the run, and discusses the details with them. If you find that these runs are helpful, please feel free to sign up for as additional runs as you’d like! (Just try not to sign up for a ton of runs at the same time so others can get a chance)

Mythic Plus 101 and 201 are designed to help people get more familiar and comfortable with running keystones. We guide you through different dungeons and teach you the different affixes, routes, techniques, and little tips and tricks to what makes M+ different.

*101 is the beginner's project - where we cover all the basics and generally take the group from +0 to +10.

*201 is the more advanced project - teaching groups for people ready to step beyond the basics, and get up to 15+ and beyond.

For more information, please check the pinned messages in the #mythic_plus_101 and #mythic_plus_201 channels.